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The success of e-commerce shop - our way

The success of e-commerce shop - our way

We already know that a prospering e-commerce shop depends on equipment and web parameters as well as their proper adjustment to the individual needs of a given platform. But what happens when your business is thriving to such an extent that servers can't catch up? The solution is dedicated servers. 


Next stage of eCommerce development means a robust increase in the number of equipment needs and using dedicated servers becomes a must. It's a service in which the whole physical servers work only for you. It gives you a substantially higher level of data safety as it's physically isolated from the rest of the infrastructure until you want to extend you platform by another server and send data between them. We recommend this solution for large internet shops requiring plenty go safe resources and a guarantee that their services operate steadily all the time. It encourages customers to visit and shop again. 


Along with the traffic and loading increase on dedicated servers, the infrastructure might be extended by sectioning off some services on separate dedicated servers until implementing cluster solutions when one service works on many servers simultaneously. 
Our dedicated servers are placed on one of the biggest data centers in Poland - ATMAN. Due to that, we are able to ensure fast and reliable bandwidth. We use equipment of prestigious brands such as HP, Dell and Cisco. 

As you can see, a proper hosting match to the shop's needs is not easy. If you need advice in choosing a right one, our expert are more than willing to help. They will offer such an infrastructure extension so that you can develop your e-commerce platform without exploring technical knowledge. Hence, you can only focus on your business. Don't hesitate, build your online shop with us!