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15.07.16 - redesign of navigation and key views of sale path - redesign of navigation and key views of sale path
We published a new layout of website on Thursday, 14th of July. The aim of carrying through a redesign process was to introduce important system improvements.

We started from changing upper navigation where we placed unfolding mega-dropdowns. Further, we amended the header which hides during scrolling down and now is attached to the upper edge of a browser. A significant part of the redesign was a change in key views of a shop buying path; by that we mean the main page, category pages, special offer pages, products card, searching results and a cart. Besides, we introduced a new view of product listing tiles and additional filter options. What’s the most important for e-commerce industry, we exposed promoted and highly recommended  products.

You can see before and after effect below, but we strongly encourage you to check out the whole website redesign on