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Online shop – take care of its key component of a success

Online shop – take care of its key component of a success

Coming up with an idea of selling online is a nice part of the job, however during the process, we must face plenty of issues requiring specialized knowledge. After many fights for a pi­xel per­fect de­sign, sleepless nights spent on UX and marketing strategy earned through blood, sweat and tears, we simply dream of “publishing” our e-commerce child. Now it was supposed to be an easy ride – what could be difficult in choosing a server, right? Right, but in order to avoid any mistakes that would negate your effort, you should know how not to drive your customers away, even from the best-designed shop in the world.

Web Hosting – unloved component of online shop

Time is money

At the time of instant culture, a customer wants everything “now”. A long loading time of the website might make him grow impatient and, what’s even worse, leave a page. The latter might have serious effects on us. How to prevent it? First of all, it’s good to know what loading time depends on. Two groups of factors enter into the equation: web and equipment parameters.

A crucial thing is the distance between client’s computer and a server used for a his website. Thus, when targeting your business to customers from Poland, it’s highly recommended to choose a solution that’s also able to work on the servers localized in Poland. It will save you from several dozen up to several hundred milliseconds on each demand of the browser. In case of downloading the website content, when plenty of such demands occur, these milliseconds have a huge meaning.  

Another aspect in the assessment of server quality connection is resources management method used by a service provider. In general, hosting corporations’ offers usually include a laconic phrase about 100 Mbi­t/s bandwidth. This should raise a red flag in every online shop owners’ mind. Does it mean that a provider guarantees such speed to every client? Not really. It simply means that our shop will be “pinned” to such connection. It’s easy to calculate real results. If a given service provider has 1000 customers, an average bandwidth per customer is 100 Kb/s, so 1000 times less than promised. That’s very little. It might be an issue, especially during periods of increased web movement demand, e.g before Christmas. There’s been a noticeable boost in online shopping on eCommerce platforms in the last few years. Therefore, when your shop can bring the largest profit, lack of well scaled hosting might decrease them significantly.  

Buy yourself peace of mind

What can you do to avoid resources shortage? One of the alternatives is using a guaranteed bandwidth, which in practice means a bought bandwidth will be always available for your online shop. It’s slightly more expensive than a “shared” bandwidth, however lets you buy certainty and peace of mind which are priceless. Due to that, your client will purchase without any trouble, even during web movement boost.

„Most mass hosting providers don’t give a choice and offer 100 Mbi­t/s to customers completely unaware of the threats.”

If you’re at the beginning stage of your e-business adventure, choose a hosting company carefully. Check how quickly they’re able to react to your shop’s hosting needs, whether they offer consulting and constant administrator's attention which might become invaluable in crisis situation.  

Find out what we can do for you in terms of hosting. Janmedia has a professional hosting center operating under a sub-brand ho­stin­ Choose a proven solution.

In the next article, we’ll help you choose a proper server. Brace yourself for a huge dose of knowledge. Stay tuned!