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Fusing features into a seamless user experience.

MSD platform for the doctors is a website dedicated to doctors looking for neccessary information in their daily work. It's mainly a repository of Characteristics of Medical Products (ChPL), educational and promotional materials as well as online conference platform. What's interesting, a part of the published offers is available only for verified doctors who have a proved medical license. due to Responsive Web Design, users can visit the website on any equipment at any time and place (at hospital or doctor's office).

The owners of the website can:
  • manage the base of products, online conferences and video materials from previus events
  • control in advance the accuracy and topicality of content presented on the site
  • build informational products' and conferences cards with the use of predefined and implemented creating tool
  • send newsletters to the doctors of particular specializations due to data forwarded automatically from the website to SARE system.
The platform is the effect of fulll design process realization tailored to the specific customer's needs. Starting from design workshops, through screens prototyping and graphic design, finishing with the implementation on the authorial Rainforest platform (Java).