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Janmedia in the METIS II project

Janmedia in the METIS II project

At Janmedia, we greatly enjoy being among the innovators and early adopters, the pioneers of both design and technology. Therefore it is with great pleasure that we announce our joining forces with 18 leading global technology companies working on 5G - the next generation of radio area network - in the METIS II project.

METIS, or Mobile and wireless communications Enablers for Twenty-twenty
(2020) Information Society, is a consortium of manufacturers, network telecommunications operators and academic institutions, aiming to provide early global consensus on the fundamentals of the future mobile and wireless communications system, and pave the way for its future standardisation. The consortium is coordinated by Ericsson and among the partners are such instantly recognisable companies as Nokia, Samsung, Huawei, Intel, Deutsche Telekom and Orange.

The project objective is to lay the foundation for a future mobile and wireless communications system for 2020 and beyond. 5G is expected to significantly improve current wireless communications, and enable a wide range of machine-type communication applications, such as eHealth, vehicular safety, industry automation and augmented reality. Owing to this we will be able to keep you up-to-date with the ambitious and inspiring plans and predictions concerning future technology.

METIS II is co-funded by the European Commission and part of Horizon
2020 - The EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation. As a project it's innovative, challenging, and thus plain fun to work on. We look forward to cooperating in the consortium over the course of the following two years.