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Janmedia Interactive at the Mobile World Congress 2016 in Barcelona

Janmedia Interactive at the Mobile World Congress 2016 in Barcelona

Mobile World Congress, organized by GSM Association, is the largest and most influential event in the telecommunications industry. Nearly a hundred thousand participants, 8 enormous halls filled to the brim with the hottest in tech, keynotes of industry leaders and visionaries, and in the middle of all this - us.

At this year's Mobile World Congress we were present not only in spirit - we had our booth in Barcelona as well as our man, Kamil Pawłowicz of Sales & Marketing. Although we've been helping our customers design and develop presentations for those most important of events for years on end, this year marks the first time we were there to take care of our work and our customers' success personally and on the spot.

The primary mission of Janmedia Interactive at the Mobile World Congress 2016 was at the METIS-II booth in European Comission pavilion. METIS is a global consortium aiming to develop the overall 5G radio access network design, in which we are partnered with 18 companies and research institutions - among them, the most important players of the global telecommunications industry. At our booth we've been presenting high-level concepts dealing with 5G using a visualization platform we've developed in Unity 5.

The Consortium brings together the Research & Development of key industry players of various verticals and various focus points concerning the new technology. Our project therefore has many stakeholders that possess a very technical approach to 5G and its visualization. Owing to our experience in working with international clients and our many years of experience working for the telecommunications industry we've managed to create a product, that exceeded both the requirements and the expectations set by our METIS-II partners.

We've presented our work in front of a global audience who sought information about 5G, we've piqued the interest of even other 5G-PPP projects, and we've directly supported our customers in their own product presentations. Here at Janmedia Interactive we consider the Mobile World Congress 2016 to be outstandingly successful, so be on the lookout for information about our booth next year. ;)