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Wesele z klasą

In April, our UX team had the pleasure of organizing tests with the users concerning the interactive wedding planner We­se­le z kla­są. The purpose of the tests was to identify the usability errors on the site which hindered the achievement of the user's desired goals, and to collect valuable insights about the direction of the tool development.

The participants who represented our target group - future brides, were supposed to perform several tasks on the site, in line with the scenario we had prepared earlier. The task part was preceded by a short introductory section. During the tests, a moderator conducted the study in a desirable manner and cared for a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. There was an observer in the second room, who was watching carefully taking notes. The test ended with a summary of the entire study, gathering insights and feelings of the users the site.

The result of the user test was a report that included a thorough analysis of how users navigated through the site, encountered difficulties, and how they tried to cope with them. The document was enriched with participants' quotes, expressing remarks on the tool. Feel free to visit We­se­le z kla­są and see yourself how useful it is right now.