make it beautiful

Fusing features into a seamless user experience. and Emarsys integration

The integration of Mi­li­ta­, the online shop developed by Janmedia, with the independent service Emar­sys | B2C Mar­ke­ting Au­to­ma­tion allowed for the implementation of a new product recommendation mechanism on the client's website. Suggested products are visible to the customers in different places, among others on the main page, product card and category subpage.

Additionally, every customer logged to his profile can find an offer chosen specifically for him. For the purpose of recommendation, a user profile is created, which is updated with the latest transaction and behavioral data, gathered from the placed orders and user's action in the shop. The implemented recommendation engine is equipped with the advanced data analysis system that highly increases the accuracy of showing recommended items to a particular shopper. 

Besides the recommendation mechanism, we also integrated the shop with the advanced e-mailing management system Emarsys in the field of assigning users to mailing lists.