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start from a word – why does content even matter?

start from a word – why does content even matter?

While working with many projects, it’s a common case our clients forget or don’t pay enough attention to content. They’re convinced designing a website can go without any content – it can be “filled in” later. Obviously, it’s not true. An architect can’t design a building without information about the number of bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens and bathrooms. A UX designer, just like an architect, will have trouble designing a good website without a valuable content from the very beginning.

All right, so content is important, but isn’t lorem ipsum a fine alternative?

Well, not exactly. Building a website on the base of this substitute has only one advantage – esthetic and pleasant design. Unfortunately, it has nothing to do with content, which is a crucial element of realization. This habit was taken from graphic designers, which in terms of web design is completely pointless and even makes work more difficult. It results in double-doing the same activities which entails a deadline extension and larger budget. Hence, creating  content right at the word go is a much better solution. Using sample texts on the level of designing process might lead to unrealistic assumptions and potentially serious construction faults whereby an apparently elegant design might lose its visual value at the moment of inserting real texts.

That’s why investing in valuable content first is worthwhile!

We already know that designing with final texts accelerates the realization. It stems from avoiding errors, mainly substantive ones. UX designer can provide you with some solutions consistent with the final content already in the first stage of designing which would be impossible using mockup content. We know perfectly that UX designer’s task is to create primarily useful websites.  Projects created with the use of lorem ipsum focus mainly on the visual side. We think that a well-designed website supports content and enhances its message, however it shouldn’t be perceived as a template to fulfill. The content might be checked in terms of its usability and correctness. Another plus is a possibility to apply changes during the first designing stage. What’s the most important, matching content to the predefined placeholder doesn’t always work, because text lengths are sometimes unsuitable and the only solution is reshaping once more which causes even more delays to the project.

We hope we convinced you that content is not a supplement to the website but its core element, without which designing process gets longer and doesn’t bring such spectacular effects like in case of building a website on the base of content. The latter solution brings multiple benefits to the project in the shape of saved time and budget. Some people say that you've got to crack a few eggs to make an omelet. We think you need to provide a good content to make a good website.