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Who are my customers? Why knowledge about the user helps create products sentenced to success

Who are my customers? Why knowledge about the user helps create products sentenced to success

Nowadays, at the time of huge competition, big players focus on selling emotions and feelings instead of ordinary products. Phones are no longer phones, but design and cutting-edge tech. Loans seem to be the equivalent of security and safety, while fizzy drinks offer you joy and shared moments. We know it works – also in case of interactive products. More time and effort is invested in projects triggering positive emotions, because they make us stand out and result in loyalty of customers.

But how can we know what are the customer’s emotional expectations related to our product? How to find out in which situations they will use our website and, thereby, which functionalities are the most crucial from their point of you? How to adjust communication on the website not only to be understood, but also to encourage interactions?

There are plenty of answers, because information about the user comes from various sources. The most precise one is naturally face-to-face meeting with the user and getting to know theirpractices, expectations and fears. It’s so called identifying customer needs by User Experience specialists before designing or redesigning the website. It enables you to create a custom-made product for the end user, which guarantees distinguishing among competitors and being successful.


Although there’s no doubt the knowledge directly from the customer is the most precious, it’s necessary to point out there are other methods of gaining knowledge about the users, and each of them is valuable to some extent. A short evaluation survey available on the website or questions from the helpdesk will help you gather essential insights, improve the product and meet real users’ expectations.


One of the recommended practices is to attach an analytical tool to your website. However, the information gained / acquired from this source, will be slightly different than this possible to obtain through professional or guerilla methods. Gathering demographic data might be a good starting point to further analysis, however deep empathy with users’ preferences seems to be more useful in terms of design.

If you plan to redesign already existing website, want to make an application or launch a product on the market and you know some basics about users – the UX workshops with our specialists are for you. No matter how much information you managed to gather, we will help you organize it and show you the best directions for your project.  Taking advantage of practical workshops and solid preparation of our trainers, we will define problems which appear or might potentially appear in your company and solve them effectively. We’ll build personas basing on information about real users. Then, we’ll take care of card sorting in order to build easy and intuitive information architecture on the website. Additionally, we’ll list the aims of the product and values that customers share. We’ll try to fully understand the user in order to design a satisfying product. In a nutshell – we’ll provide your customer with positive emotions which will build their loyalty and affection towards your website. You can be sure that the direction of your company’s development will bring desired effects.