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workshop is the best investment

workshop is the best investment

We’ve recently noticed that projects preceded by workshops with clients, had a very smooth flow and didn’t require much amendments. The reason is cooperation and bilateral understanding. Solutions created together are very beneficial to the project; those who plan to expand their business by a new website or want some changes in the existing one, should have it in mind. But why workshop? Is meeting not enough?

If you want to receive a professional product measuring up to your expectations, a meeting might not be enough. The main difference between these is that during the meeting, issues are talked through while during workshop, solutions to those issues are created. The participants show their ideas only to think about their correctness under the specialist’s supervision. A necessary thing is the script which keeps a certain schedule so that significant issues won’t be omitted. At the end of workshops, we create a report which might be used for business purposes or forwarded to employees in the company. A constant cooperation with the specialist enables you to receive tips and get rid of doubts.

Referring to a Chinese saying „What I did, I know. What I saw, I remember. What I heard, I forget”, we do our best so that every participant is active during workshops and expands his knowledge.

During our UX workshops, together with experts we create personas and get to know our target groups and their needs better. It’s a fundamental task that allows for understanding the users and facilitates a choice of the best path on the website. At the stage of card sorting, it’s possible to design a preliminary version of information architecture. In case of huge participants’ engagement, some business requirements might be specified.

How to prepare for the workshops?

To begin with, fill in the entry for­m, which will help specialists match workshops to business needs. It’s good to determine the aim of the workshop together, thereby to precise the product. First and foremost, it’s necessary to have lots of energy and involvement  because workshops are supposed to be a dynamic activity and without willingness to cooperate, there’s no point in taking part in it. We should also remember about an open mind to absorb useful knowledge to use in the future.