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29.01.15 to arms! to arms!

Together with our long-time client we've fought for responsiveness, improved availability and intuitivity of their online store. On the 28th of January 2015 we deployed the store in its new form, and along with it came many improvements! The most vital of them is making the store fully functional and available on mobile devices without the need to install any apps. Developing the project with Responsive Web Design in mind enables it to automatically adapt its layout to the size and resolution of users' devices. Furthermore, all users can now enjoy modern graphical design and new interface, designed in compliance with the highest standards of User Experience.

Improvements are not limited to only the front-end, though - the search engine has been significantly upgraded as well, now able to properly recognize keywords regardless of their grammatical form. Search results have seen similarly vital improvements - in the new store users can filter products using their parameters, prices or availability. An emphasis was also placed on the ease of searching the database of films available on the site. The multimedia content is served via a Content Delivery Network and all store's servers utilize the Google-developed innovative SPDY protocol, which ensures lightning-speed fast data rates and a silky smooth experience for users. has been in the business of selling shooting, military, outdoor and self-defence equipment for 17 years. It offers over 7 thousand products in its catalogue, and is a laureate and top contender in e-commerce rankings in Poland on a yearly basis. The store has, among others, been awarded 2nd place as The Friendliest Online Store as well as Specialized Store in the ranking of 2014., in cooperation with Janmedia Interactive, meet the expectations of their customers running a high-quality, modern and intuitive online store.


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