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Dedicated application for Energa ITE

Dedicated application for Energa ITE

Thanks to our cooperation with Energa Informatyka i Technologie, part of Energa Group, we've offered them the concept, then designed and developed a dedicated desktop application. Our mutual goal was implementing a tool that would improve internal information flow in structures of Energa Group. The result is a desktop application in the form of a persistent window on user's desktop, consisting of an interactive information and presentation pane and a user profile panel enabling personalization of the content feed.



Taking advantage of a comprehensive integration with client's internal systems, the application notifies only the user groups targeted with dedicated information. For the editing team we've developed a console that allows them to manage content and its sources, as well as keeping track of the statistics tallying users' interactions with the application. Furthermore, to improve the usability of the tool, user has the ability to personalize content by setting his areas of interest.

Another useful aspect of the app is the ability to send notifications and display them in the form of 'bubbles' on the users' desktops. It enables editors to target specific users and user groups with vital information when time is of the essence.



  • developing the concept of the tool
  • interactive prototype
  • graphical design
  • development
  • integration with SharePoint and Active Directory
  • application tests